Dynamic Solid Cable Bolts

A solid bolt that has a mechanism that allows it to absorb seismic events and remain intact. The solid bolt can be installed in both resin and cement grouts.

Field of Application

The Dynamic Solid Bolt can be installed in areas where seismic activity is expected.

Technical Specifications and Mechanical Properties

Core Diameter – Bar (mm) 21.7
Cross Sectional Area – Bar (mm2) 370
Yield Strength (MPa) 580
Yield Force (kN) 215
Tensile Strength (MPa) 915
Tensile Force (kN) 339
Elongation (%) 16
Mass per metre – Bar (kg/m)

Dynamic Properties

Static Force Capacity 170 kN
Dynamic Force Capacity 150 kN
Displacement Capacity up to 300 mm

Relevant Standards

Bar AS1442

General Features

  • Standard system supplied as a solid bolt with a dynamic device, polyethylene tube, resin mixing device, slot pin nut and dome ball attached.
  • The energy absorption ability of the Dynamic Solid Bolt is achieved by attaching a treated dynamic device to the bolt. When the seismic event occurs the solid bolt is able to be pulled through the dynamic device hence enabling the bolt to absorb the energy and remain intact. The polyethylene sleeve acts as a debonding agent that allows the solid bolt to slip through the dynamic device.
  • The dynamic device is mechanical therefore enabling repeatability in regard to the energy absorption process.
  • The Dynamic Solid Bolt is manufactured under strict QC procedures.

Supply & Packaging

  • 50 bolts per pack.
  • Packed using appropriate timbers and steel strapping.

Dynamic Force Displacement

Static Pull Test

Dynamic Drop Test


Tested by WASM & Canmet . Reports Available.
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