About US

Garock Pty Ltd was established in 2012 primary as a Research and Development company, dedicated to continuous improvement to develop new products to improve safety and productivity.

The company has evolved to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of Ground Support Products for the Mining and Civil Industries in Australia and Overseas.

Garock Pty Ltd has a manufacturing presence via main branches in:

  • Western Australia - Wangara
  • New South Wales – Kurri – Kurri
  • South Africa - Joint Venture

Manufacturing and Supply Capabilities includes:

  • Cable Bolts – Black, Galvanised, De-Bonded, Single Strand, Twin Strand, Triple Strand cable bolts with up to 5.7 bulbs per meter.
  • Civil Anchors – Temporary, Permanent
  • Continuous Coils – sizes to suit various continuous miners
  • Dynamic Support –
    • Dynamic Solid Bolts
    •  Yielding Cable Bolts
    •  Garock Hybrid Bolts
  • Various Plates and Barrel and Wedge sets (AMS Barrel and Wedge sets)

The Garock team has experienced Technical Service Representatives, we can provide clients with:

  • Supply Management
  • Product Installation / Testing
  • Problem Solving


  • Dynamic Solid Cable Bolts
    A solid bolt that has a mechanism that allows it to absorb seismic events and remain intact. The solid bolt can be installed in both resin...
  • Pre-Cut and Continuous Coil Cable Bolts
    15.2mm seven wire steel strand is used, with bulbs being placed at various spacings. The bulbs in the cable allow resins and grouts to penetrate open...
  • Expansion Shell Cable Bolts
    The Garford Mechanical Anchor is manufactured from 15.2mm Compact Strand, with a 300 Kn minimum ultimate tensile strength, the specially machined expansion shell will in competent...
  • Spiral Indented Strand Cable Bolt
    The cable bolt is a seven wire strand nominally 21.6 mm diameter cable without bulbs, and can be with grout or resin encapsulated.
  • Plates
    Garford manufactures a wide range of plates for use with cable bolts. Garford plates are designed in-house to provide optimal surface support in a range of...
  • Barrel and Wedge
    Barrel & Wedge Anchors are used to secure roof plates on 15.2mm diameter x 7 wire strand cable bolts.